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Siri can finally find your lost Apple TV remote

I swear, the Apple TV remote is designed, specifically, to slip between cushions and fall into the black hole of a couch. The remote is tiny, thin, and so smooth. But I have great news. Today, during Apple’s 2023 World Wide Developer’s Conference, a quick mention brought hope to my life: Siri will soon be able to locate your lost Apple TV remote.

Details are light at the moment. It’s unclear what model Apple TV and iPhone will gain this feature. It’s also unclear specifically how the system will work. Will the Apple TV Remote beep? Will the iPhone display an arrow like when locating a nearby AirTag? And does this system work specifically through Siri or will remotes be added to the Find My app with the rest of an owner’s Apple products?

I don’t have the answers to these important questions yet.

This feature has long been requested from users. Apple’s not alone in designing tiny, easily lost remotes. Everyone from Roku to Google ship tiny remotes with their streamers (I’ve lost all of them). Remember the old Comcast remotes with 500 buttons? In 2009, a TechCrunch writer called them Fisher-Price remotes, which is accurate in a way. Those remotes were terrible, but at least they were hard to lose.

This feature will be added to Apple TV through an update this coming fall.

Siri can finally find your lost Apple TV remote by Matt Burns originally published on TechCrunch

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