Friday, September 29, 2023

Instagram might be working on an AI chatbot

Instagram may be working on an AI chatbot, according to images leaked by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi.

According to the leaks, which reflect in-progress app developments that may or may not ship, these AI agents can answer questions or give advice. Users can pick between 30 different AI personalities, who can also help users write messages.

Other social platforms have launched AI chatbots to mixed results. When Snapchat first launched its My AI chatbot, powered by Open AI’s GPT technology, the product lacked appropriate age-gating features. So, it ended up telling a reporter, who was using an account registered as a teenager, how to cover up the smell of alcohol and weed and set the mood for sex. Snapchat also recently released its paywalled My AI Snaps feature, which allows the AI to send you generated AI images. At launch, the product doesn’t work very well.

It’s not clear what AI tools Instagram would use to power its chatbots. But as generative AI booms, Instagram’s parent company Meta has been using these tools in many established facets of its business, like ad sales. In May, Meta announced AI Sandbox, which helps advertisers create alternate versions of ads, as well as background images and image cropping. The company also unveiled its own AI coding tool called CodeCompose, but it’s not available publicly.

Instagram did not respond to request for comment before publication.

While riding the AI hype train, Instagram is also rumored to be working on a Twitter competitor. According leaked information about the text-based app, codenamed Barcelona, this will be a standalone app that integrates with Instagram. Instagram declined to comment on the accuracy of the rumors at the time, but did not deny them. If the rumors are true, Instagram’s Twitter clone should be coming this summer.

Instagram might be working on an AI chatbot by Amanda Silberling originally published on TechCrunch

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