Monday, June 17, 2024

Google launches new learning and consulting offers help enterprises on their AI journey

Google Cloud today announced an expansion of its Google Cloud Consulting offering, its service for connecting customers to experts who can help them along their cloud journey.

As part of this expansion, Google will offer high-touch training to C-suite leaders at large enterprises to help them “reap the full, transformative benefits of generative AI, while maintaining responsible development and deployment.” Additionally, the company will launch new on-demand learning paths and credential programs for its customers and partners.

Google is also launching new generative AI consulting offerings that help its customers use AI to, for example, analyze data, automate business processes and operationalize large language models to query their internal content.

“These new offerings can give customers hands-on experiences with production-ready AI solutions using their own data and align with practical use cases for their organization,” Google Cloud’s VP for industries, Carrie Tharp, and Lee Moore, the company’s VP for Global Google Cloud Consulting, wrote in today’s announcement. “They are designed to help organizations quickly implement generative AI solutions relevant to their businesses.”

Talking about practical use cases, the company is also launching a set of new reference architectures and workflows for industry-specific use cases.

Google knows that the advent of AI is yet another inflection point for enterprises, which are often still in the middle of the process of modernizing their existing infrastructure (or haven’t even started yet). Only a few years ago, these enterprises were told that they either had to move ahead with their “digital transformation” processes or risk being left behind by nimbler competitors. Machine learning — and generative AI in particular — is sparking yet another round of anxiety in the C-suite of many an enterprise.

Google launches new learning and consulting offers help enterprises on their AI journey by Frederic Lardinois originally published on TechCrunch

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